Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NUNA PEPP review by Michele Elton

We were very excited when we unpacked the Nuna PEPP stroller and pleasantly surprised that you didn't need a degree to assemble it, just pulled it out of the box and it was ready to go.

The first thing we noticed about the PEPP was how light it was, it weighs in at just 8.6kg which makes it really easy to lift in and out of your car boot and measuring just 73cm x 55cm x 26cm when folded it would fit into the smallest cars.  It is also perfect for use on public transport or when travelling.  It opens easily with one hand, you just release the velco strap on the side and the pushchair flips open and is ready to roll - it's that simple!

You feel somewhat of a celebrity when you step out with the Nuna PEPP as it draws a lot of attention and comments from passers by.  It looks unlike any other pushchair on the market with it's unique design.

The PEPP is without a doubt the nicest pushchair I have ever pushed, it literally glides along and is not phased by different terrains.  It moves effortlessly around corners and is the only pushchair I have found which can easily be steered with one hand, which is ideal for me when I am holding my toddler's hand or an umbrella. 

The height adjustable handle is a must in our house as I am only 5ft tall compared to my hubby's 5ft 9", so this is one feature we couldn't do without.

The one touch braking system, as with everything on the PEPP, is smooth and sleek.  You simply press your foot on it to activate the brake and again to release it, it discreetly fits in with the brilliant design of the PEPP.

The seat of the PEPP is big enough to comfortably seat a toddler and reclines easily by undoing the zips at the back of the seat, which can be done smoothly without disturbing a sleeping infant. 

The five point safety harness is easy to secure and release and has padded straps for extra comfort.

There is a small storage basket underneath which, whilst fitting in beautifully with the streamlined design of the pushchair, could do with being a little larger to accommodate a changing bag.

Our overall opinion of the PEPP is fantastic, it's unique design has not compromised any of the features you would expect to find in the extensive range of pushchairs which are available in today's market and the price is very competitive.  It ticks all the boxes for us and I would definitely recommend it to other parents.